Outcall Service:
   60min   HKD 600  Not including tip    
   90min   HKD 800

Tantra Massage Men & Women
  60min   HKD 1200  
   90min   HKD 1500

Tantra Massage Couples  & Four Hands
   60min   HKD 2000  
   90min   HKD 2600

SPA Service Massage                       
    90min   HKD 1600  
  120min   HKD 2000

​What are the Benefits of Tantra? 

Like other forms of massage, tantra massage can be very relaxing. Tantra massage can also alleviate physical pain and emotional fear and guilt.

Tantra massage can also help people to become more fulfilled and personally empowered. By stimulating inherent sensual spirituality through tantra massage, people can awaken parts of themselves that have remained repressed or "asleep."


All tantra massage services include all tips.

If you receive quality service

"happy" tips are always welcome

What to expect in Tantric Massage? 

Tantric massage… We have heard so much about tantric massage in last few years. It is becoming one of the most popular forms of massages, as it involves different kinds of movements as well as different pressures over all of the body including the back, front and genitals. The first time you decide to try a tantric massage, you may be slightly nervous as this is a very intimate experience being performed by a masseuse that you don't know!  So, what would you expect during tantric massage experience? Tantric massage is sensual and erotic massage performed by professional and experienced masseuse.
The massage itself can lasts between 60 minutes and up to 2 hours. If it is your first experience then you`re better to get 90 minutes session as you will have more time to relax and feel more comfortable. During tantric massage you and your masseuse will be completely nude, sometimes massage performed in lingerie, it all depends on your preference and that of the masseuse.
Before the session starts you should shower or bath. A warm shower or bath will help you to relax. Our Spa service will offer assisted shower with the masseuse. It is more intimate and pleasant experience.

Tantric massage is performed on a massage table or bed, our masseuse will  use her torso and chest along with her hands, arms and legs to massage your whole body, she will incorporate your entire body in the massage, various strokes and different techniques will be used during tantric massage. Your entire body will be massaged, spoiled and pleased. The session will generally end with the most sensual part of the massage around the genital area. This is called yoni massage if performed on a woman or Lingam if performed on a man. 

Incall Service:
   60min   HKD 700    Incall price include tip
   90min   HKD 800

Tantra Massage Men & Women
  60min   HKD 1000  
   90min   HKD 1300

​Tantra Massage Couples  & Four Hands
   60min   HKD 1800  
   90min   HKD 2400

SPA Service Massage                       
    90min   HKD 1500  
  120min   HKD 1800



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​​What is Tantra?

Tantra massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Skilled tantra massage therapists, who study the art, use specific sensual touches such as lightly running fingertips along the entire body to awaken a dormant energy field within the body. When awakened, this energy field is believed to create an ecstatic experience and allow trapped physical and mental pain to escape from the body.

Choose a tantra therapist who has a solid reputation to perform tantra massage to fully experience the benefits of this ancient healing art.  The client or the receiver of a tantra massage is not a giver. Their duty is to receive the massage and surrender to the rediscovery of senses, feelings and emotions. The process combines the feeling of well-being associated with deep relaxation therapeutic massage, as well as resolving issues related to relationship, self esteem and sexual issues.